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My Awesome Loop My Awesome Loop

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What was that? a random bass line? sorry dude, try harder. this isn't awesome. And when they vote 0, the don't do that because they're jealous. But don't go mad on me, i can help you out! what you have to do is:
Never, NEVER submit things like this, people don't like it!
Put more effort into your stuff.
ONLY UPLOAD FINISHED WORK!!! this is very important.
Make sure that people will like your work! if you have the feeling people won't like it, just don't submit it!
and last, don't upload three second loops, it has no use...
Hope this helped you! if you have any questions, just send me a message!

MrRotKip responds:

Guy, I sended this in as a joke. I knew from before that people wouldnt like it. I only did this... I dont know why I did this. Its all a JOKE!!!! DONT THINK IM SERIOUS!
and most of all, dont make your comments that serious. I sent alot of songs to the portal, some were better than others, a few things (this also) were just for FUN.
If you see the joke in it, I bet you wont laugh, but that doesnt bother me. I have fun with my silly jokes. Just leave me alone, laughing at my own silly jokes. Remember, if you try to convince a fool, youre a fool too. Im a fool, and youre trying to convince me...